Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Happy Click .....

Originally uploaded by Pip Wilson.

.... here I am ...... thinking of you and how you are doing at this special time.

My new eNewsletter is done and will come out to you as soon as possible. It has churned me up in terms of feelings at Christmas.
This week I will be spending most of the time with those you hate HATE Christmas. Most still do not know where they will be.

Please note that I will aim to keep clicking over the holiday period. So if you have time to click this way - in your busy and different lifestyle ....... I will be here - that's the plan.

Feel what you are feeling now.
A blessing of God these feelings.
If we did not have them we would be a zombie. Or drunk or full of drugs.

Only a perpetual child is controlled by feelings, so, - do something with them ......... even if they are good or bad.

bBeautiful this week