Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A group formed & I began to work ...

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................I started by giving each member of the group a little Christmas tree the size if a 5 pence coin.
Then I asked what feelings they had - seeing - feeling this.
As usual, many have difficulty to contact how they feel. Out-slipped words like 'I hate Christmas', 'I don't like Christmas', I have no money to buy, not even, one present.

I then moved to asking them who the main human characters were in the Christmas story. The first word uttered was 'santa'.
Soon after there was a list of eight mentioned (- come on - you can do this as I tell you about a group work experience during the past week!)

Their names/descriptions went into a hat, Jesus went into the hat too. Each human then drew one out and I went around the circle asking how they thought that one 'felt' - a feelings question.

Here are some stand-out feelings;

Mary - stressed
Joseph - scared/worried
Innkeeper - guilty
King - good-to-give
Shepherd - in awe
Angel - 'yes'! - sorted!

Three humans in the story were noted as having negative feelings and they were the main focus of the whole affair - as responsible adults.
The rich - feeling good to give, not just receiving.
The tough rough/simple life style shepherd - awe - overwhelmed.

The last one was a dead pleased Angel who really knew that this was pretty good news ........... "YESSSSSSS"

Why do this?
Why did I do this in a group of humans?
1 I am on a journey to cultivate in myself, and others, an increasing ability to be able to get into contact my/their own feelings.
2 Looking at others and empathising is a learning process into sensitivity.
3 Articulating those feelings is a process of 'owning' such powerful things as feelings.
4 A human identification with a powerful historical spiritual human story.
5 Reality at Christmas - to escape the tinsel for some small moments ........ and it was stinking good .........

Why not try it on humans around you?
Adapt - of course.
You never know, they may be pleased to talk 'real' midst the rest of the Christmas slippery slope.

I am 'being' with, during the past week, humans who are this - amongst other things;
Visibly self harming
Severely depressed
Lost and uncertain
Lonely and afraid
No place like home to go at Christmas
Deep feelings and disturbed
(the last one is me and I want to be disturbed!)

Thanx for clicking this way.
I will tell you straight - I take value from you doing this.