Thursday, May 21, 2020

#social & #emotional #learning

.... in action. 

#social & #emotional #learning
Behind me is 'BLOB HOMES' 
one of the many Blob Tools. 
(Search - to get one yourself)

It has many different homes like a 
tower block. 
Mansion with swimming pool. 
A car. 
A slum. 
A shop doorway. 
A ship. ......... 

I ask people to identify their childhood home
'what has been your worst experience of HOME?' 
(& other questions). 

This is a massive experiential exercise in self disclosure. 
The results are powerful. 
Everyone learning from each other - 
the room full of stillness. 
#Vulnerability on show. 
Opening humans - like flowers to the sun. All in a climate of trust.