Friday, May 22, 2020

I was driving and writing at the same time ................

Growth & development.

I was driving back from a gig.
It was with a staff team of
a multi-million pound company based in 
the City of London.

I was buzzing as normal.
The impact of being with a 
keen enthusiastic bunch of humans
always gets me going.

The adrenaline was flowing as I 
travelled down a few UK motorways.

I wanted to write
inside - out = 
capture my internal buzzing
onto paper so I didn't forget.

I grabbed a pad as I was driving
(keeping my eyes always on the road)
I stuffed my pad between my legs
and without looking down
I started to write.

It was about my experiences.
= The most toughest time in my life
have been my most intensive & deep learning.

My words scribbled out saying::

does not reside
in a place called

Human Development
does not reside
in a place called

does not reside
in a place called

does not reside
in a place called

A present this to you to
(I hope)
you can transpose into
your own life

Have a go??????????