Friday, June 20, 2003

Still clicking for Greenbelt and YMCA Prague 2003 whilst sucking on my spaghetti on holiday ...... love it love it

The Greenbelt event will be majestic this year and will scratch a few itches. We never know what the current issues will be 'come August' but they will be stirring in the pot and I do not doubt the Greenbelt community will wrestle with them and touch the soul of each and colour with the Kingdom.

Prague event ...... much like Greenbelt ,as far as the imagination will take me, will be special in terms of the languages and cultures to colour the art and performances of all kinds. It will be a ymca event, a Christian event, a cultural event and pouring with wonder. Same time last year the whole city was flooded to disaster levels. This year we want a special sort of flood....... of wonder. My efforts, prayers and every heartbeat will be put to ensuring there is an 'experience' for each person which will take them on in their lives to richer and deeper things. That we all my be "greater kickers of darkness until it bleeds daylight" ...... I love the line and the singer who composed it (Bruce Cockburn) and the band you quoted it )U2)
for your experience .......