Thursday, June 05, 2003

sometimes I don't feel like writing
today I don't
last few days I didn't
tonight I try

big brother on tv
like it
the art I pursue is people

I heard Dwele in interview with Gilles Peterson
I have his album
he said in passing, that a songwriter-singer is like an artist who when painting
fixes his mind on every line
every contour
every fleeting facet of shade
his music, he says, is like that
his study of his subject creates his art
the title of his album is

a human said to me, as we looked at a picture of jesus in a crowd
why do you analize everything?
I don't but I do people
I study them
love them
desire them
often I hold myself back in expressing a love, a feeling for them
and yet I know I do say thing upfront more than most

so big brother is on
Gilles is on the mactop radio
and this is my favorite time of the day
what is yours?
tell me?