Saturday, June 07, 2003

I am never ill but Thursday I ended up with two ambulances outside the front door, three checks of the heart, countless blood pressure checks and hospital until 3am Friday morning.

To cut it to the minimum, it was gut ache that made me finish early and drive home only to get the pain higher in the chest and then the clammy sweats. It turns out that all is well and I did well in the entire test but it was a gastric thing, maybe an ulcer? Never had anything like this before other than a few Rugby injury hospital visits some years ago.

It was ugly especially for Joan, and now I am shutting down the pace and cutting all weekend things and anything else I need to because …….I still want to drive to Italy on Thursday ……without a blue flashing light!

Sounds like a medical report rather then a blog ....... but it is real life .......... bhp