Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I love it, when we get close. The human contact ......................

I love it, when we get close. 
The human contact of course - 
but I mean the relational stuff - that’s best. 
Love it when you can get so close you can share the real meaning in life. 
Spending time in Hostel meal tables with two humans who themselves  openly talk about the damage done to them - 
or the damage done by themselves. 

The broken humans, the broken offerings to life 
(and here I include myself) 
bring something special to relationships.

So I sit and dine with them, more importantly, communicated to each other.
It was not long before the questions flowed. 
'get beyond the level one' I say to myself (& you), as soon as possible. 

We move to a different level so I asked them both 
'what do you think is the greatest quality in the other person? 
Fantastically the words flowed so quickly, 
so sincere, so out there but also so sensitive. 
The listening and the acceptance and the kindness, the generosity. 
They shared and glowed to hear the other affirm. 

Love it! 
It was a deliberate developmental question aimed at facilitating them building each other up 
in world which so often savagely knocks them down. 
It was also about relational work, their relationships and them with me too. 

Then the next question was about the two doors. 
Do you know that one? 
If you don't let me know and I will do it yet again with you 
because it is so fantastic (again for development). 
And they continued to talk openly and warmly with each other and myself.

I have written a mission statement for my new phase of work.
It helps me focus and say to myself does this programme 
I am thinking, designing, proposing - does it fit the mission?. 
I want to be mission focused in all things and not just doing the admirable things like 
meeting needs and building relationships. 
I want to be proactive. 
I am a man with a mission (non oppressively), 
but freely chosen with self determined hope. 
I yearn for the wholeness of these damaged BHP's, 
but so much I will not add to the deprivation and create dependency.

I am off - and ask me to tell you the 'bus driver' joke next time we meet.