Monday, May 13, 2019

I was the youngest of four boys and was a mistake.


Thought I would do a few words for those who fancy a little read and of course, 
if you are reading this you are the type of human who will read my thoughts . 
So here goes. 

I think we benefit much when we talk together, 
especially when we listen as well as talk. 
It is right that God gave us two ears and one mouth and that tells us something about communication. 
So we will have an hour or so with each other just chilling and chatting. 
I have feelings, passions and opinions. 
I don't have an opinion about everything so your view can influence mine. 
I am a broken offering to life. 
My life I carry around experiences which have damaged. 
At the same time they, the same hurts, are the things which have made me grow and develop. 
It is only when we talk together that we find out about what is going on inside.

We have allsorts of thoughts slushing around in our heads like a cement mixer. 
When we pour out the concrete it sets and becomes more real. 
So, when we talk things, we make things more concrete and we learn. 
Life is 'life long learning’.
I was born in St Helens Lancashire, the home of glass and Rugby League. 
At school and in the park we never played football, even as little kids, we played rugby league. 
My Dad was a miner in the coal mines. 
He didn't go to war because of that and he also was an 'air raid warden' which meant 
helping people when the Nazi bombs dropped. 
I was born as the second world war broke out. 
See if you can work out the year?

I was the youngest of four boys and was a mistake. 
I fought my way through childhood and that was just with my brothers! 
Also my education was poor. 
I had no interest in school only messing about. 
But at 15 some thing happened (I will tell you if you ask). 
I then started work in a factory at 15 and trained to be a fitter/engineer 
building winches for ships followed by another factory building engines for trains - 
and playing rugby all the time. 
Then at 21 some thing happened to change my whole purpose and direction?..

So that is a wee bit of me. 
What I wanna do is to find out about your journey, 
and I'll bet you could write a book about it! 
I did, it is called 'Gutter Feelings' . 

I will be naked more
I will memorise clouds
There is no law that says you shall not study a sunset
Beyond heavy woollens, 
beyond the Nightly News, 
beyond the
reach of what hurts you, 
beyond politics 
(national, local, sexual), 
beyond beyond

(From Goodby Silverstein's advertising campaign for the Norwegian Cruise Line)