Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I am thinking about this MJ stuff.

Long ago I left behind this emotional stuff.
You may know I am always writing about this emotional stuff.
Emotional intelligence stuff.
I have left behind the lock-in to emotional responses which is not thought out.
I cannot be just emotional.
I feel emotions deeply.
I want to and I do
but I need to think too.

There is something stirring in me to understand the massive outpouring of emotions, in the western world, about the death of Michael Jackson.
It was similar when Diana died.
There seems to be a great need in the world to be cathartic.
To be outspoken and, in some cases, over-the-top with words and tears.
I wonder if humans cannot do this in everyday life
so they do it on a special occasion?

I am puzzled why.

There has been a surge of celeb interest in the UK.
Fed by the paparazzi, the tabloids and their glossy magazine relatives.
On Sunday I was alongside a number of artistes at the Wireless festival.
The top of the bill, Kanye West, was on stage and there was so many humans
just wanting to get close to 'celebs' rather than watch a fab concert.

These celeb fixations are one way relationships.
Hair brushed, PR presented perfection.
No relationship other than a commercial one.
Many feel they know the celebrity person.
Do you know Michael Jackson?
Did you know Lady Di?

I believe
both were beautiful humans
both beautiful imperfection.
Just like me and you .......

*picture is Chipmunk at the Wireless Festival with a fan*