Sunday, August 21, 2005

L5 L5 L5 L5 L5

..... the Saturday night experience is still lingering in my soul as a special experience ....... unusual and great. hmmm

A small group of us met on the exact week when we met 25 years ago. Read a bit about it on my web-site and note we are doing a one hour seminar at Greenbelt this year - yes it is the Level Five group.

We met in our favourite eating out place - the occasion was because Annabel was over from her home in Hong Kong. The last time most of us saw her was the day of the funeral of one us - Simon, in 1999.
I had the further special treat when we went shopping together for some Vietnamese food in East London which was then created into a fab meal by her - for us two - in year 2000.
Ann-She ...... daughter Ann, was the last of us to see her when she visited her a couple of years ago when she was filming in HK.

And there we were on Saturday, this Saturday, hugging every word as we tried to catchup ....... wondrous.
One of the features was the wine. I already chatted up the fab Italian Restaurant owners that Annabel was bringing some special wine from Portugal and that she was a wine writer da de da.
Then she came and the wine was opened midst all the food and other deep moments of intimate conversations. Then the red wine was put on ice - RED WINE! -beyond me mate.
Later we were ready for another bottle so Annabel made her second visit to the restaurant wine rack and returned with a bottle of wine - red - on ice again!! It was fab in it's entertainment and added to the already exhilarating climate of level five-ness.

It left Joan and me buzzing and it was so hard to end ........ so we went around the corner to the Covent Garden Hotel Bar and celebrated with a bottle of Champagne (the photograph is from that occasion) ................... after that it was even harder to separate hmmm ........

So here we are - a group who first met in 1980 and we are still going strong.
It is due to many factors but one certainly is - we talk at a level which is open and honest and on the edge. It is all in a climate of safety and trust. We belong to one another - even though we live many miles apart - even Hong Kong cannot separate us! hmmm

I cannot give due words to the experience - a good experience cannot be verbalised or clicked about ......... but I have tried .........