Friday, August 04, 2006


.... this part of an A4 sheet - a tool.
An exercise to use in different ways to assist in discussion and self revelation.
Self analysis.
Journeying as a human - interior - exterior.

It is a new one.
One of many - we have about 250 now.

The Blob Tree is the famous one.
There are many more - all can be used in group work - team work - many ways.
I don't want to publish here in full because it will be nicked and used - © abuse-!!
It will be in a forthcoming book.
Click the image and it will enlarge for a better look.

I am clicking some Questions for you here.
Consider answering them - not just a scan of the words.
Best is with another or a group of humans.
Designed for that.

If you are on your own - better if you write an answer to the questions rather than just thinking the response!

Look above the waterline for all these questions ::
1 Behaviour - Pick one of the blobs which reminds you of some behaviour you have seen in another person recently? Talk about the person, name not needed, but put words to the behaviour.
2 Behaviour - which one of these blobs describes you at the worst time of your life?
3 Which blob has the worst behaviour - what you dislike most?
4 Which one is you at the moment?

NOW Underneath the waterline.
As with an Iceberg - we see what is on the surface but much more is going on below the surface. Behaviour, negative and positive, we see every day - in others (and ourselves - that is part of our beautiful imperfection).

Now look at the answer to my questions.

Below the surface you can see examples of what the blob above may be feeling - contrasting the behaviour.
This is about the human 'interior' whilst above the surface it is the 'exterior' seen/visible blob or you or another human.

Discuss the behaviour and the feelings ..........


Did you do it??
Please feed back if you are able.
This is a new Tool and I am keen to get some feedback.

you are beautiful ..........