Wednesday, August 30, 2006

.... back at the hot desk of pip wilson dot com ......

Just had my first Peppermint tea of the day and my Porridge earlier.

I have a mass of mud contaminated books to sort, washing from a week in the mud, draining the 300 deep inbox and posting books to people who want them - usually urgently!
I need to trip to the post office to weigh-in some wee parcels and return a lost mobile phone to a Kent address ....... and my my brain will click on other 2do things as the day slides ......

Pete Tong is within two feet of my ears. I am hoping his Friday House music show will raise my heart beat so it pumps enough blood into my brain to make the day effective ....

I am going to post something I did before Greenbelt - later today.
I did it before Greenbelt to a friend who, as yet, is only a cyber friend.

It is about you being beautiful.
It is about me offering it like an elbow in the ribs.
Or a whisper in the ear.
Eye contact.
Wanting for you to hear it, that whisper, alongside all the other noise going on in your life .....

you are beautiful