Tuesday, March 23, 2021

WHEN all this is over and I am on the road again as an Experiential Trainer ........... ???????????????

When all this is over………………..

When I get to facilitating a training experience for you and others world wide.

WHAT would you like me to focus on?

Which of these two below?
OR ???????? any other suggestions for a session led by your own 
'Emotion Detective’ = me?

Growth Does Not Reside in a Place Called Comfortable (Emotional Intelligence)
Facilitator - Pip WilsonAbout the development of the whole person. Emotional intelligence. Awareness precedes skill development. We will develop together as we journey through shared experiences and reflecting together.

When the Cheese is Falling off Your Cracker (Creative Pipology)
Facilitator - Pip Wilson
A process of involving everyone in sharing, journeying and learning from each other. All stimulated by many Blob Tree Tools, mini movie clips, games, group work and fun exercises using many varied methods from Pipology.