Tuesday, March 09, 2021

YMCA FESTIVAL around Europe - full of memories for me + comments from my sessions (I love the last comment!)

At a festival with so many people 
you often feel that you’ve sort of you 
and end up dissatisfied with yourself, 
like you want to be one of them...
This workshop made me feel happy!  
It’s great to be able to be so open with total strangers, 
though it felt kind of embarrassing at first.

Thank You
It was a wonderful session, it went straight in to my heart!  
You really put your finger on really important issues of being a human being.

Thank you for an interesting workshop!  
You have opened up my mind a bit – 
I really needed it!
All the best to you

Thanky you for a very inspired session.  
I feel that I have met a lot of interesting people with issue.  
Maybe next time I will open up a little more.
Greetings Karen

Dear Pip
I loved your workshop.  
Somehow it maked me more secure at myself.  
Keep on your good work.  
Most God be with you and bless your work
Nina from Norway

Great session – I get something different every time!
I am on God’s football pitch – 
just about to score, 
the goal mouth is open and I’m running forward.  
I am terrified to kick the ball…

I feel happy
It was funny.

This was funny 
Nice to meet new people and talk with them!

Olga Samarova, 34 Teacher at Moscow State University
It’s an inspiring workshop, 
helpful for building relationships and self-awareness.  
Lots of simple tips that can lead to important things.  
Very expertly done.  
Thank you so much!

Thanks, it has been a funny and personal playing.  
I like these elements we played with very much and hopefully 
I can integrate them in my work/programme YMCA

Bodil Jørgensen, Denmark
It has a great experience and 
really exciting – Than you J

Liberating, unique experience – 
will not be forgotten.  
Thank you.  
I would value follow-up sometime.

Sad – Mum poorly
Happy – Being here
Supported – YMCA partner
Loved – family at home
Ready – for furniture at home
Lonely – don’t always share thoughts and feelings

My name is Majina.  
I am from Russia.  
I feel no good myself after your workshop.

My name is Helen 
I enjoyed your workshop – 
it was amazing to meet people and think and share about feelings.  
This felt like a very rare thing.  

I found a way of God being relevant in my life 
having previously rejected him.

I thought the session was one of the best so far 
because of the openness “thing”, 
if you understand.  
You have to do this much more to learn people, 
how to love.
Erien & Z Møller

Stefan Amlie
Hmm, I feel lighter somehow… 
more happy, 
maybe more satisfied?  
I don’t know, 
but I really enjoyed our hour together, 
I go a lot of inspiration.  
You’re great!

This was great!  
I feel much better after this workshop.  
Thank You.

I think this workshop was excellent and I really mean that.  
It was good because we talked about personal and important things, 
but it was also fun to hug people and music was beautiful.

Hi!  My name is Finn!!!
That was great time, thank you very much.
I think that today I find myself!!!

Hello, my name is Natasha, 
I’m from Russia and I am really happy 
to have taken part in this activity.  
It was great.
(For everything that you have done for us!)

I really love this kind of 'making love'.  
I really like to listen to you, 

you are a good speaker!