Monday, March 08, 2021

What I have missed since the Pandemic - what I year to do ...........


I worked for the YMCA in three different locations over the years.

I went freelance in 2007 but I remain a big fan of the YMCA::
European wide
Our UK 4 nations.

At the YMCA we talked much about 'Fitness for Life' and provide many programmes for physical activities. 
Fitness is not just body fit but must relate to the whole person. 

Fitness of the body for some people is quite easy. It's not easy for me, but it seems to be for a lot of other people. 
It makes sense' to us all however, that if we don't exercise our body, it will cease to function well. 
A good example of that is the heart. 
Specialists tell us that the heart is the most important muscle in the whole body. . 
Other muscles can be neglected a certain amount, but if you neglect the heart by giving it insufficient exercise, 
it will eventually clog up and cease to function either partially or totally! 'Many "of "our members are stroke victims. 
People who had some minor heart/brain problem which has left them in some ways disabled. 
Some stroke victims work off the effects of a stroke, many people live with it for the rest of their lives - sometimes a long life. 
That healthy body object in life also relates to drugs, it relates to smoking, it relates to being in a health environment. 
So the fitness of the body makes sense to all of us. 

The mind also needs a Gym! 
The mind also needs a work-out. In my latest thinking I have been struggled how we do this at each of the YMCA's back in the day. 
Some of the pursuits to keep our mind exercised are:- to read, debate, watch selective television. 

The best stimulus it seems to me is to be amongst creative people. 
One of the privileges we have at the YMCA is that we are surrounded by people from different cultures and from different continents with technicolored life-styles - massive store house of experiences and backgrounds! 
I love the Alexander Solzhenitsyn quote on a poster in our YMCA Diner/Lounge. 
Underneath a bold picture of interacting people it says: 

"Look around you - there are people around you, maybe you will remember one of them all your life and later eat your heart out because you didn't make use of the opportunity to ask them questions.” 

Since 2007 I have worked freelance as a trainer - all around the world including the UK
My training is always ‘experiential' = meaning each session is an experience for all to take away and transpose it into their work & life.
My last 'gig' , as I call them, was pulled due to Covid & the lockdown.
I was due to fly to Estonia to facilitate training days there.

I have loved working with teams or regional gatherings of Therapists, Youth Workers, Social Workers, Hostel Workers, Teachers & Assistants etc..
I gain so much from everyone because of all the interaction.
Once there is a climate of trust built the vibe becomes electric in a learning sense.

If you use the search in the right sidebar of my you will find years of examples of my experiences.

You can always write to me and share an ‘experience’ you have had in one of my sessions - all welcome - one sentence or more?


Pip Wilson hoping I will be able to get on the road again after the Pandemic is sorted?