Thursday, January 07, 2010


The Blobs Training Manual

UK Price: £35.95
Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 116
Published: 31/03/2010
ISBN: 9780863887888
Order Code: 0025672W

Discover the full potential of the Blobs!
Eagerly awaited,
this comprehensive resource book for understanding and using Blobs provides: ·
A fantastic insight into Blobs and Blob Trees,
their development and the theory behind them.
· Clear instructions on how Blobs can be used

to discuss a wide variety of important issues,
emotions or feelings. ·
Session ideas and activities for working with groups
and individuals of all ages. ·
Questions to use with the Blobs. ·
What not to do when using Blobs!
Ideal for anyone new to the Blobs resources,
this manual will also provide background information
and additional ideas for those familiar with this engaging series.

What are the Blobs?;
The Blob Tree - the theory behind this and peoples' experiences of it;
How to use the Blob Tree – all sorts of ways just to use this one sheet;
Questions…without answers; 50 questions for the Blobs;
Questions menu; The heart of the Blobs; Blob History; Stepping into the Blob;
DIY – start with yourself;
Session ideas- ideas for groups, individuals, youth, school, one to one, etc;
A range of products – explaining how to use them including games to go alongside them; Emotion and motion;
Level 5 – the theory and ideas for training;
Warning! – the what not to do's;
Individual Blobs – how to use them;
Blob Sheets – a small selection with specific guides of how to use these for group work.