Saturday, January 30, 2010

These guys really have snow ploughs.
Big, Tonka Toy - real ones!
Not like wimpy English versions.

I see forests of fir trees
glistening with laden snow.
I see roads and footpaths,
bridges and tunnels -
all covered in white duvets.

My ears begin to feel pain.
I hold my nose and blow
from inside out.
My ears popped and I begin to hear
and the pain fades.

Then I see dimpled clouds below me.
All gaps are filled in by the same
bedsheet whiteness on the ground below
awaiting the wheels of
SAS flight SK806 - LHR/Oslo.

I pause my breath
as my iPod strikes up with
'only love leaves such a scar -
it was a joyful noise'.*
((When we start to love,
love is a doing word,
we collect scars - sometimes physical ones.)
(* U2 = 'Moment of Surrender')

Big modern busy bustling -
full of strangers pulling trolleys.
Some running, some idle.
Glazed eyes viewing Duty Free shops.
I don't understand one word.
I only know two languages,
English and Body.

Soon, after flight 2,
I will be welcomed by
I will be welcomed into my Norwegian
vibrant community with beaming smiles
as they welcome this strange Englishman.

Now, flight 2, is slow to go.
First time I have ever been de-iced
before take-off. Delay.
Hmm. Free tea on domestic flights,
I had to pay on International hmmm.

Following the sky part there is
a bus
a ferry and
a car collect.
But missed them all so .......
a Guarding Angel came and
led me another way + great conversation.

..... to be continued .............