Wednesday, December 07, 2016

We are free to be free .....

I want to be ..........................

"We are here. 
We are wildly and dangerously free".
John O'Donohue.

I need to touch my own depths of sadness 
to understand others who are 
gripped with sadness.

We are free to choose unless 
we are trapped in a poverty 
that imprisons the spirit.

We are free and
I will include you.
You will have access to the internet
- on a mobile phone even.

So I can count you as potentially free.
I can count you as rich.
Rich financially.
Rich educationally.
Rich emotionally.

Yet are you free?
I cannot expect that you are.

I am free and yet
I fail to make choices
to love
to value
to change.

So I estimate
you are similar?
Maybe not at this present time?
Maybe you are on a 'up'?
Maybe you are on a 'downer'?

If you are not free
maybe you feel in a hole?
Maybe with the trapdoor open?
Maybe with the trapdoor shut?

I believe it is best 
to recognise where we are.
The only way to move forward
is to start where we are -
not where we would like to be -
or where we pretend to be.

A number of beautiful humans
have said to me
'I want to be free'.

This statement
jolts me.
Hits me.
Whacks me.
I feel it.

These words never come easily.
They are only spoken through
determined teeth.
From a determined soul 
who has reached a certain place - 
who is residing in a place 
called determination.

Determined to break free
Determined to share their need
to break free.

If you are free
you may not be engaging in these words
you may not be feeling them so much.

But if you are feeling them
maybe you want to be free.
Free from the NOW
to be free somewhere else
with someone else
doing something else?

There are no easy answers.
Wholeness is a journey.
And vital, it seems to me,
that we don't walk alone.

That means sharing it.
Level Five*
Opening and allowing another in.

Otherwise the trapdoor
slides over
slides closed
and the darkness will come.

Talk to someone you trust.
Some talk to me in safe-space,
called cyber space.
It is better face to face
but great to click - 
better to click than 
residing in a place called
'wanting and wounded'.

“We become fully conscious 
only of what we are able 
to express to someone else.
We may already have had 
a certain inner intuition about it,
but it must remain vague 
so long as it is unformulated”.

from ‘The meaning of persons’ Paul Tournier

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