Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Poverty that imprisons the spirit ......

I scribbled this and blogged this in May 2010
We are seeing the fruits now in every day life.
See my two reflections below.
I feel sick.

I am a bit Brassed off tonight.
I am concerned that the Conservative party maybe elected.
I worry that behind the front man we have
an army of 'so-right' humans.
The millionaires who have funded the party
will want even more payback than promised already.
The Banker/voters, and others on large bonuses, 
will take more.

I am scared for the weakest most vulnerable.
God help the immigrants.
God help the inadequate.
God help the unskilled
God bless the young humans
I feel this.

Ghandi was once asked::
"In all your life with all the hardships,
imprisonment, violence and persecution,
what was the hardest part?"
He said::
"The hard heartedness of the educated".

The poverty that imprisons the spirit.
The poverty that crushes the soul.

If you are a home-owner,
a good job,
a profession .........
Don't worry - you will be fine.
If things go wrong, 
you know where the handles are.
You know where the switches and buttons are
to make life work for you.
You have the motivation.

What about those who don't know where
the handles, switches, buttons and levers are?
What if you don't know what they look like.
What if you are scared of them, feel a fool in front of them?

I watch the clip above from 'Brassed Off' a movie
about the coal mining industry
and the Brass Bands culture
during the Thatcher years.
I have just sobbed my heart out.

My Dad was a coal miner.
Brass Bands thrived in my childhood community.
Community art.
I am brassed-Off.

That is where I am tonight.
That is where my soul is tonight.

Have Mercy upon us ………….