Saturday, October 13, 2018

Pip Wilson 'Experiential TRAINER' - some feedback and photos

SCHOOLS + NORWAY (the KISSING Game) + Youth Workers UK + Armenia

Pip Wilson - FEEDBACK following a Training Day

 • Inspirational x 3
• Excellent lots of information!!
• Amazing so much energy, inspirational.  Felt the magic
• Brilliant – really fantastic to hear the story behind the Blobs.  Loved the interaction
• Totally inspiring & FUN!
• Excellent – just a tad too long but very good still
• Inspiring and ‘different’  Really good to hear sound theory presented in such a real way
• Very useful to keep momentum
• Fabulously unexpectedly interactive session.  Alot of techniques to think about in therapeutic work
• Insightful, inspirational and I feel I have taken away messages and tools to support children
• Energising & uplifting
• What amazing energy! Wow!
• Life affirming
• Brilliant and inspiring
• Love the interaction
• Beyond comment!  So engaging & honest & able to get full participation
• Such inspiration and fun
• Absolutely brilliant!
• Inspirational & very useful!