Thursday, October 04, 2018

Here is my thoughts put into a few words::

Where I am today ..... becoming.

"The only normal people 
are the one's you don't know very well"
Alfred Adler 

I am sometimes invited to lead a course or week-end for a team,
organisation, school, group of young people.
They have organisational visions, missions, values.
Some events are made up of a collection of individuals, 
with some regulars and totally new  I guess.

I am now at my desk with lots to do.
Lists and lists.
Before me, always before me, are some stickers with names on.
Certain BHP's in my life who I offer to the Divine daily.
Serious accident, life deteriorating condition, residing in prison .....
and more. 
I feel, as I click, for their differing tragic circumstances.
I-sort-of weep because of them. 
With them.................

Also touching my inner depths are certain people who are so 'set'.
I am thinking about facebook contacts of mine.
I have recently read a comment
'cus I am white'

There are so many I know, and deliberately keep in contact with,
who are bitter, or even violent, against people of 'other' faiths, 
even they seem to have little themselves.
It also hear their hate for people of different colour.
Bitterness and forceful whilst highly promoting the English flag.

I try to understand them.
not hang stereo type labels around their necks.
Asking myself 'why they 'feel' like this'.
What is behind their behaviour?
Can I get to know their UPSTREAM?
It hurts that BHP's can be like this.
I still believe in their beauty and value.
I dislike their behaviour and words emanating out of their hearts.

Moving on from these disturbing feelings ........
I want to feel disturbed ........... I don't want to avoid .....

I am aware that I am getting older - like you.
But aware that I am getting closer to becoming completely spiritual!
I am trying to keep fit including eating healthy - 
so difficult for the poorest in all parts of the world.

I always want to be working
work hard - play hard ....... always liked that!
But aware that as you get older it is not as easy to be active.
I have been walking most days this week.
It is always a challenge for me to leave undone
to step out ...... and I am such a fair weather walker.

Ending with some words I composed this week - 
(I Tweet and Facebook
this sort of stuff - 
details somewhere on this website)

This one is about how it is so easy to have our emotions triggered
so we end up behaving like the person who upsets our feelings.
Do you decide how you will react under pressure?

Here is my thoughts put into a few words::

Put downs. 
No matter how others behave 
I will live and communicate 
as I have decided 
and not to change 
because of another persons behaviour.