Friday, January 21, 2011

You want to beat him to pulp?
What if he has a knife?
You take a knife
What if he has a gun?
You take a gun

What if you do beat him to pulp?
What will you sleep like?
What when his gang come around?
What will you carry in your belt?

Why do you want to beat him to pulp?
It is a feeling inside
It is a rage inside
It is not a thought
It is a release that you need.

Why not try to understand those feelings?
Why not understand them as signals?
Why not allow signals to consider thinking of options?
Options to release the rage.

We are responsible for our own actions
We can become response-able
Be better than only having one response.

Consider giving life to another - not death?
Consider choosing life for another, AND yourself
Consider love?
Instead of hate.

Pip Bhp
4am 21st January 2011

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