Monday, January 03, 2011

Here are a few of my favourite things from the year 2010
1 My Blessing of the year 2010:: Constance Bennett
2 My Album of the year:: Gil Scott Heron 'I am new here'.
3 eMail of the year 2010:: Natalie Olden (see email posted below)
4 Death of the year:: Lisa McPhilips - no more can be said ..........
5 Gig of the year:: U2 Brussels with my mate Ross. HERE
6 Book published of the year 'Pip Wisdom' by Pip Wilson but all the editorial work by Ian Long.
7 Blob Tree Tool of the year 2010:: The 'Blob Ball'
8 Beautiful non-human of the year:: 'Ziggy Wilson' I love him.
9 Saints Rugby League game of the year:: Wigan v St Helens at the Pie Dome/we beat them on their own midin.
10 Inspirational human of the year:: Bobby Hossain.
11 Own writing/poem of the year::
"I never wanted to be famous
I succeeded

I never wanted to be rich
I succeeded to degree level

I never wanted to be this age
It sort of came with experience

I never wanted to be good looking
Achieved at birth

I never wanted to be educated
I achieved in every school

I never wanted to believe in God
I tripped and stumbled into him

I never wanted to be a writer
I just started to reflect on life

I never wanted to be imaginative
It just happens as I strive to love

I never wanted to be comfortable
I had it once, before the faith began

I never wanted to be restless
I now choose it and yearn for it

I never wanted to be irritated
but now I refresh that irritation

I never wanted to be thirsty
then I discovered it in ever sense

I never wanted to be sexy
Thank you very much God

I never wanted to have a sense of humour
Then I discovered more than five senses

I never wanted to be vulnerable
I discovered it was a strength not a weakness

I never wanted to marry a rich woman
I think she is rich beyond compare

I never wanted to be beautiful
It took me 40 years to know
I was a beautiful human person

I never wanted to be in a band
I now have a great band of friends

I never wanted to be imperfect
I now know it is in synergy with beautiful

I never wanted to be on a road less travelled
I discovered it goes along with human development

I never wanted to be a great lover
I found it as a life mission

I never wanted to be disabled
I learned that I have abilities and disabilities

I never wanted an idol, mentor, guru, then
I met someone who said follow me
And that was all I ever wanted...................."

© Pip Wilson

12 Cafe of the year:: Milk Bar Soho
13 Affirmation of the year, I save them, ".. you are very famous here, YMCA people know you, everyone says that you are a great trainer and person..." from Armenia.
14 TV Series:: 24
15 Eating Out Experience:: Shampan, 79 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
16 Wound see 4 above
17 Frustration:: being so far from London and the cost of travel there.
18 Learned:: How to spell Colleague, Intelligence, Precious.
19 Pain:: Gout twice in 2010 - really cramped my style and mobility.
20 Concert:: Michael McDermott in the Performance Cafe at Greenbelt 2010
21 Fiction Author:: Lee Child
22 Book with meaning and relevance to life:: Divine Beauty, The Invisible Embrace by John O'Donohue
23 Music Track:: Window Seat by Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part Two.
24 Favourite Place on Earth 2010:: Our home, the first one I have had since I was 26 years old.
25 Music Artiste:: I always have to go for the fresh/new/exciting so it is James Blake
26 Personal Achievement:: Feeling the pain of young humans who I work with/being STILL being able to Connect & Feel.
27 Software for my iMac:: The now failing BBC iPlayer Grabber - such a beautiful tool to capture music.
28 Favourite Pipturesque by myself in 2010::
29 Favourite THING in 2010:: my iPhone, greatest non-human companion.
30 Blogger::Dana click HERE
31 Journey:: On my bike, here near my home, a ride alongside the water and it dawning on me that it was summer!
32 Scar:: My Nose keeps growing little red lumps grr/but the worst has been seeing/feeling injustice - it hurts.
33 Experience::Working with two groups to help them to be one, in Norway at Sunnmøre folkehøgskule (SUFH)
34 Here are a few of my favourite things:: Movie:: 'Precious', it tore my guts out and fed my hope.
35 These are a list of my Favourite things 2010:: most beautiful/
You are most beautiful/thank you for being there ...