Wednesday, August 11, 2004

............ sometimes I want to click these keys - yet - don't know what or why.
This is one of these times.

As a human I feel ok, that means good. I feel fresh and energy is not there to google for. I feel motivated and creative. Not always like this.
I am imagineering.

I have had my mad exciting raves about Jill Scott .......... see blogs - and excited still.
'Beautifully Human' - what a title for an album.
I am a groove robber................... and .........
Late at night .............I knock on the door of my interior..............
The well.

I feel that sometimes my work is so unachievable. So I set low targets because I have such high expectations. I yearn for the development of humans;
It is not something I do to people. I feel my job is a facilitator which stimulated a climate of trust and sharing. Get the right tone and stretch activity or question - and humans pour out their souls. The core. The heart. The journey of the visible human and the interior human.

That very act of humans sharing something from inside, which has never before been tapped, is a massive revelation to others present -and, more-so, the mining-for-soul individual person themselves. Only when we share with another will the reality of our life become real.
Make sense.
The glory of God is a person fully alive.
also ........
The Glory of God is a person digging their own well and becoming .........

Always I have individuals who are tight.
Rolled and packaged to say nothing.
Emotional arms folded.
Legs crossed too!
It is fine if a group contains a few humans who trust me, relaxed with themselves and at least a couple of others.
Climate is a virus - catching.
If the group has no such people, the job is to 'ice break' (don't like that term really) or conduct an appropriate activity which is not silly for those present. If it hits the right tone - there is then a starting climate to move to different objectives.
Working with a mix of international people is sensitive - I am no good with languages and those who know me would include English too.
But it is not just verbal. The cultural norms of people in a group or crowd can be as sensitive to handle as the speaking in different tongues.

The trouble with me - I desire to see people having some fun and love it love it - but I also yearn for the stretch. To myself and with others.

Eyes wide open.
To see one persons eyes open wider can be a moment of wonder.
It can be one small thing.
They have seen.
They have experienced.
They (yes they) have said.

It is a flower opening to the sun.
It is is like a flower with droplets of rain - like tears from the soul and I love it.

At the moment I am yearning for those droplets ........ and mainly that opening of those delicate petals.