Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Keep on looking
keep on searching
keep on moving
and you get a little further
keep on trusting
keep on hoping
keep on facing your faith just to keep on going
just try
just try
just try

.............. so goes the first verse of a most fab song by
Bugge Wesseltoft with singer Sidsel Endresen.
Called 'Try'*
The lyrics are wondrous as is the music.

I feel ok. Always buzz from being with people. Always stretching - I just try .................

One thing;
so many people
behave to humans
when they do not like the
of a person.

That puts some great number of humans at a great disadvantage.
The people with real weaknesses in emotional security - who behave obnoxiously - not nice - nasty - dispersant - have had a background of anything but consistent love da de da
It means that they do not get the love and the response and the consistency as others, more stable, would get.
How so stinking sad.
I am so sad about this.
I weep for the person who receives a second rate communication.

It is not for us
people of the way
to have our responses
by humans
who are themselves
not ok

It is us who need to decide how we behave
as such is the kingdom
I have decided to make my life an act of love
with the lovely
with the unlovely

there was a man who walked this same planet who said;
"Love your enemies................."

* you can download it from iTunes for .79 pence and stinkin worth it.