Sunday, August 22, 2004

..... this year at Greenbelt ...... starts this Friday hey hey

The YMCA have the usual fantastic area called; GREENBELT YMCA
There will be a fayre i.e. Cafe and Band Stand Venue, Creative Maze with an installation from an Artist who works in Wakefield Prison.
Also a Piazza with out door very small stage, Beach Volley Ball (with 26 ton of sand!!!) and Climbing Wall.
It is the place to visit and eat and drink. The best food and drink at the best prices.

In addition we have a European YMCA Village on the Camp Site, with 7
Russians, 7 Ukrainians, 8 Bulgarians and a host of others from across
the four nations and beyond.

The Bulgarians can do Puppeteering and Traditional Dance with exciting vibes and wondrous style and passion.
The Ukrainians do vivid funny and thought provoking Mime. I have seen them in Latvia and Prague.
If anyone out there knows of any further venues who would like to use them.
Both Groups will be doing their first performances at on Greenbelt-Saturday morning in the YMCA Main Venue. If you like them you will be able to drag them into your show or area.

I will see you hanging out around there between the meetings and stuff - so say hello ........ I have weak black tea with no sugar!