Saturday, August 21, 2004

............. how are you ........ feeling good?
Or not so?

I find I need more recovery time than I used to do - I used to work morning until night so much. Christian Mission among people with great need and the demans were great set alongside my passion and weaknesses.

I have said sorry to the Sheilas for not being the Dad I now, looking back, could have been. I gave all I could. Inadequacy is forgiven by God it seems to me and the Sheilas - I am glad to say.
They are fab humans now.
I love em.

God wants what we have NOT what we haven't.
Have quoted that LB verse a few times of late. Must be needed.

It is so important to be forgiven.
And forgive.

If I have upset you - I believe it is not because I want to be offensive - it is because I fail to be as sensitive and loving as I want to be.
When I am tired I am at my worst. What is it the AA say about HALT?

That is when we are at risk and that is when we can hurt others. In turn, that can feed the list above like a big cycle.

Visit the F Word Project at Greenbelt this coming Friday - or at least the website.

F stands for forgiveness.