Wednesday, August 04, 2004

... Joe has written this about one of my Blob drawing - used all over the world in different types of work with people.
Hope it makes some sense.


One blob stands in the doorway, he scowls at the blobs outside,
Another blob wants to go out there, but looks like he’s far too shy,

One blob sits at the table, with his face inside his hands,
Two other blobs by the window, are smiling and making plans,

A little blob crying in the corner, looks like he has no friends,
Another blob feels his pain, and brings a hug to make amends,

 Two big blobs playing football, on the lawn outside the door,
Both with smiling faces, cause they're sure they know the score,

 There’s one blob with no expression, he stands taller than the rest, perhaps he’s the blobby king, the best of the blobby best,

 There’s one blob up a tree, another plays peek-a-boo,
Now take a long hard look, and tell me which blob are you?

 By Joe Maynard