Tuesday, August 17, 2004

..... I have had my car in for service today and working at home - well planned Wilson.
Had to travel back home after leaving it in the car-stay-treatment-centre and return there when I got the call. 150 quid later I was home and on da mac again.

The bus is novel to me. Hardly ever in my life have I done this funky stuff. Things like WAITING ......... enjoyed it really. Double decker view is special.

I have some gigs to prepare for as well as Greenbelt and a big catch up with all the mail and domestics. Done a backlog today so it is a big help with working on the future.

Big frustration today has been a multy posting on blogger dot com. I posted one and twenty one appeared on the blogspot. It had done the same last night so I don't know if it me or Mr Bloggerman.

Up and at em tomorrow.
Feel good. Healthy. Motivated.
How are you then?

These are my five words.
As always I am always interested in yours;
1 keen
2 yearning
3 slightly disregarded
4 thirsty
5 imagineering