Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am feeling tired.
Long journey home.
Central Line disrupted so had to divert District/Jubilee.
If you don't live in London
that may be a load of nonsense?

Joan is watching football on TV
as usual.
I have plugged into the mains
= iPod
as usual !!
BenjiB my second favourite DJ is in my head
and my soul
I love this stuff.
Joan waves her leg in the air when she wants to say something
and me hear it.

I still don't think I am back to full strength since my health hit before Christmas.
Just little things.
I am fine when I am pumping adrenaline but when I stop .............
Maybe it is one step into an ageing body
(It is only my body which ages !!)

I spark when I am with humans.
Today I have been full of admiration amongst young and older people workers who really care.
They open their mouths and wisdom pours out.

Some humans have a 'security operation' in place.
The are heavily fortified to fend off any change which my encroach upon them.
Not so today.

It helps if I am respected.
It helps if there is gossip going before me.
Positive word of mouth.
It is good to have fertile ground.
That means I don't have to spend a long time ploughing.
Fertile ground means there is a readiness to enter a learning experience,
a readiness to drop their guard and take risks for their own development - me too.

Do you have a security operation in place?
Are you open to new experiences?
Are you willing to unfold those arms?
Open your palms?

I think we all have a security operation in place of some degree -
me too!
But being aware and seeking discovery -
wow - what a great place to reside .........

These are the stumbling thoughts of a tired human who loves the music on his blog/piPhone
and you.

"Every person experiences in their life
moments when there is a lifting of the veil
at the horizon of the known,
opening the sight of the eternal, "

Abraham Heschel