Thursday, January 03, 2008

21st Floor Wilson Mansions

Hi 2008
Hey 2008ers
how are you this year?
how is the year?
how are you feeling?

I am
High above Chicago in a Hotel in 21st on East Superior next to Michigan Avenue - pretty much the heart of this old town - but what do I know!

It was minus 12 this morning and warming a wee bit
so my face is still on.

We have been here for one night after a delayed flight from Portland.
There we were treated to an experience of rural Salem, Oregon.
Never seen so many birds
but the humans were best.

I have doodled in my little life book
first time I had time was on d flight
so little reflections are there
soon to be here
I have found it strange to be doing
and not reflecting.

Being away from broadband has been a strange experience
must learn from that one too.

Tonight is a great treat
not more Chicago
lots of Julie Benson

Now I am off to the Apple Store to publish this and buy some cables and bits
I will not be tempted to buy
an 160 gig iPod
but they are so cheap here .....................

thanx for staying clicking this way
with all the infrequency too