Monday, December 31, 2007

Hope you like the Video of the Wedding below.

I have posted some of the special moments and many more to come.

Now, at this moment, I am on dial up, and it is many years since I have not used broadband - dial up is a distance experience but great because I can click a few greetings to you.

Joan and I have moved to Salem near Portland in Oregon.
We are staying with Gretchen and Denis - friends from distance past.
The conversations are flowing - we have 20 years to catch up on.
It is a haven of stimulus and reflection.

Denis was the CEO of Romford YMCA before I was. Our lives have touched together on several significant times over many years. Like an Angel he has appeared and the results have led to dramatic life change.
Home change
Community change
Challenge change

The first time was when Joy was a child and I was the leader of a YWCA - leading a project which was a Hells Angels Club.Denis appeared and we ended up moving to work in the YMCA for the first time. The second time was 13 years later when I was working with gangs in East London.
Change - loveitloveit ............

Now I am at their home in a remote location - more birds around than I have ever seen in my life!! It is beautiful ................

I want to wish you all a wondrous day to day
A wondrous entry into a New Year of change and development
(I believe that a place called comfortable is a dangerous place to reside)

So I wish you a Happy New Year and also an uncomfortable one
A restless one
A yearning one
A becoming one
A spiritually restless soul - one

May you discover a button in your 2008 life - a button called::
"Irritation Refresh"

Happy New Year from the USA

You are beautiful ..............