Monday, December 03, 2007


JUST SIPPING A GLASS OF COINTREAU and tasting a wee late night cigar following a great evening out with the best of friends Steve and Gill.
Richard may be interested, way out there in the US, that the staff asked about him and Mr Singh.
What a great place it is - AND the food.
(pix when I can pull my pipcam from somewhere)

Was back in a place called Church today - morning.
I have missed for four weeks due to working away on w/e duty - some of them included some worship.

I enjoyed the silence and the music - particularly I appreciated being reminded that 'advent' is all about preparing for Christmas and the coming of 'The Prince of Shalom'.
wow ......... what a story ......

I am feeling level headed - 'I am dribbling out of both corners of my mouth' because life has stabilised and I am catching up with my self - a wee bit.

My mind
My feelings ...........
are circulating around, and dipping into - the issue of::
"We only see the behaviour of a human
- but we don't see their experience"

More I dwell - more I want to get close and find out that experience of a life lived. Discover the interior of a human and not just see their behaviour.
More and more humans are wanting to do something about this revealing.
Desiring to unlock something deep.
Tap the deeper side of self.

We all know we have a head because we can count and calculate.
We all know we have hands because we can toast bread - burn the toast too.
We all know about sex because we know there are drives which drive us.
What we often don't know - is that we have a deep, deep well within us.
An untapped well in our soul.
An undiscovered beautifulness that we leave unrevealed .....

THAT is churning my soul at the moment ....... and you?