Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I keep placing Pipturesque here
of beautiful humans who I have met
and cannot resist just placing one and more .....

It is opening time ...........

I lurve opening time when I am with humans.

It always needs fertile ground.
Humans like to feel safe.
If we have been hurt a lot - a safer place is needed.

I am on the road again
The longest road
Longest journey
Looking at the interior
Looking at the deep well ...............

I noticed today - that Mc Donalds are about to stream free wi-fi in all their outlets - hate the fat - love the connectivity!
I will call there - just enough to get my mobile to download my information ............ and walk on.

= unconscious

I have been sensitive recently
that I have been tired
I clock it
I have said to myself
(a worthy human
to talk to - try it?)
that I am tired but not
gripped by tiredness.
I am naturally tired
not low about it
not negative about it
I own it
lighten the step - smile
walk on ....................... a great song
'Walk on'.

It seems to me that we need to

Inter-personally we need to do this
in relationships
in our social networks
in our belonging.

If we allow our lives to deconstruct self
in free-fall
it can be a shambles.
::Inner Unity.

Computers become better
@ communication
than we do.

We can become TORN

We also need to do this
seems to me
(that inner human trying to get out ..........)

Years ago I used to visit a a man
he was my
non-managerial supervisor about every 6 weeks
we talked - level 5 stuff ................

I was doing the toughest job I ever had.
This was a safe place to de-construct.

I remember talking to the great man one particular time.
Jim Punton
google him sometime - he is not with us now
but his wisdom is ............

I remember saying to him::

"I don't feel spiritual at all now.
I feel removed from all things spiritual"
and he said::
"I am glad"

A silence started.
Then I said
"Why are you glad?"

and he said
"Because you are in the midst of change"
Not a safe place to be
not a place called
satisfaction ........

We talked about sailing between two islands.
One solid ground to anothersolid ground.
Storms and liquid life in-between ..........

That place is - 'change'
"I am glad" he said.
I will never forget this.

We have to go through the storms
a place called comfortable is not a good place to reside
for too long ................

And we can get used to change
get used to deconstructing
get used to reconstructing
and moving on .................

"To be free is to know who we are,
with all that is beautiful,
all the brokenness in us;
it is to love our own values,
to embrace them,
and to develop them;
it is to be anchored in a vision and a truth
but also to be open to others and so,
to change.
Freedom lies in discovering that the truth is not a set of fixed certitudes
but a mystery we enter into,
one step at a time.
It is a process of going deeper and deeper into an unfathomable reality."

Jean Vanier 'Becoming Human'

In parts of the world salt was sprinkled across the soil to help break up the compacted earth and allow moisture to sink in and allow plants to grow up. The salt acted as a fertilizer enabling new life and Jesus was drawing on this agricultural picture to show that his disciples were to be fertiliser in the world.

However, the second part of this saying was much more shocking.
In Jesus' time, at some houses, a mound of salt would be left beside a pit in the garden to cover human waste.
The salt acted as a disinfectant and as a sealant against nasty smells.
Jesus was asking his people to be up against the crap of the world.

As Jim Punton said,
'Tight up against it, protecting others from its rottenness and its decay.'
If we sit in little heaps refusing to have anything to do with the crap of the world, we are refusing to be the salt of the earth.