Sunday, December 16, 2007

............. hello from
Tissue-Mound Mansions::

I have never had a week like it but today I am feeling more like real.
The head and eye ache has gone today - leaving me with a irritating cough and tissue demanding stuff.

I am going to leave the topic - never to mention it again.
(That is not right really - I always have said on these keys that I will tell you how I am and not just what I do.

That needs to involve feelings, Level Five stuff, so I will be honest as I can about all things.)

My medication notes say that one side effect, of the penicillin based treatment, is depression.
I have had all the others like being lazy and drowsy - but I am not a sufferer of depression.
I feel deeply for those who suffer - I know so many. It is a dark tunnel and can be a long one.
I have had all the physical symptoms but, as I have tried to think beyond those towering influences,
I have focused on the temporary nature of this thing.
It has made me more sensitive to those around me with a 'cold' and all things worse.
It is reminded me that when we have toothache we can think, and often 'feel', of nothing else.
Thinking of how I feel beyond the cotton wool cloud I am in - has helped me to stay in the reality of other feelings like
being loved
spiritual - beyond the physical and material ............

I cannot say it has been a good experience
but a 'learning one'
I can.

Thanx to all the humans who have sent me warm messages.
I needed the warmth amongst the shivers.
I need humans ..................

I guess tomorrow I will get back and open my inbox
start to reply to the list.
Connect again.
Beyond myself again ..................

I have also lost a week. This coming week I had planned to give to the Taxman. If I don't do that I will be up against the wall with work/mission commitments (tax) again when I return from Christmas in a Stable - and New Year in the US.

I am starting to think now - see.
I have had a break from all that!

Hope you have time to think how you feel?
Hope the rush of the season will have space for you to journey beyond
beyond the exterior
beyond to the interior you ................ that is a beautiful place
where a beautiful human resides ...........

5 Words::
(to describe my life at the moment)