Sunday, December 23, 2007

Zig wouldn't go to bed last night.

I was tired and ready
he decided to hide under the mini-trampoline I have in my office
and then on the widow ledge
- un-grab-able

I gave up and picked up a book,
one of a dozen which I am reading.

Viktor Frankl 'Man's Search for Meaning'
I have been reading this one since 7/7 this year -
because I always write in the margins I know
I was on a train travelling to Big John Mansions in Newcastle.

Viktor was a professor in neurology and psychiatry until he died in 1997
He spent some horror years in Dachau and other concentration camps.
This is his is story of a struggle to survive.

As Zig run around freely - I read
"... everything can be taken from a man but one thing,
the last of the human freedoms -
to chose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances
to chose one's own way."
My margin says 'WOW'

Locked away
ill health
sleeping with the dead
extermination chambers smoking
the stench of death
and yet
he says these words ...................

In my training sessions I strive to facilitate
human awareness and skill
to be able to not be controlled
by inner 'shoulds' and 'aughts'
by inner 'feelings'
but being able to decide how to behave
in normal life
not a concentration camp.

I forgot about Zig
he settled on the rug in front of the fire
and my mind spins away .........

This is a sort of freedom
all about
being free in any circumstance

about the wholistic
about the reason why God poured his love in a human frame
about stupid ridicules faith
about a baby coming to be called Emmanuel
God with us
as a babe
as human person
as God .............
Shalom which passes all understanding .......


What an aim for 2008
to become


. I picked him up
kissed him placed him in his cat-bed
and I felt fee to sleep ....................