Saturday, May 28, 2005

BE ........................

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.......... back home ..... desperate for home ....... have pounded more motorway in a week than ...... well TOO much. Just need to feel I have 'landed' after the holiday break and the week since.

New CD came today.
With all the choices of the moment;
White Stripes
Black Eyed Peas

I leave them in the shops and go for ............ I have to get the brand sponee new 'Common' album - hip-hop indeed.

It is called 'Be' and produced by the extreme and talented Kanye West* who I raved about at Greenbelt last year - all year really.
There is some fab tunes on the album as discovered listening to my favourite DJ's over past weeks.
As well as great stuff - it is interesting to hear and see the faith stuff here. The whole inside back cover is full of text which starts with a bible verse and then a passage of text which begins 'Dear God ...."

One track called 'They say" features Kanye West and John Legand a man with a beautiful voice - UK persons may have seen him on the Jules Holland Show this week. Great.

Tracks 'Testify' 'Go' 'Faithful' 'Real People' 'Be' and the beautiful "Love is' which contains samples of Marvin Gaye.
All this in main stream hip-hop!

* He has a new album out in July I think called; "Late Registration" and a track on that features Shirley Bassey singing 'Diamonds are Forever'!

..... all I can say is .......... Be