Tuesday, May 03, 2005

2nd May 2005

2 5 2005
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..... this is my favourite birthday card - from Joan ..... may well be consumed when on holiday next week .......

As holidays loom ......... I will be pausing to look at the rest of my human life ........... when something is on my mind I need to examine it.
Unpack the soul.
Yearn into the future.
Not just live for the day .......

My Mission remains the same .............
Mission is not my employment.
But my employment and other things I do is always changing.

1 I want to continue to work closely in contact with those who are at the bottom end of society. I believe I have something to offer and I love the challenge because it stretches me in my becoming.

2 I want to facilitate those workers who work with them.
I have training abilities and I buzz with the interaction among such humans.

3 I am not a teacher.
I am a facilitator.
Informal educator.

4 I am currently employed by NGO's and the other work I do is regularly or as one off.

5 I intend to publish soon so keep your eyes here to find out first.

6 Life is uncertain ...... but I yearn for that .....

..... and I appreciate that you have taken the trouble to click this way - it is like someone joining you on part of a journey ............ and I don't want to journey alone ...... so appreciation to you - and liveinwonder