Monday, May 30, 2005

TODAY .........

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.......... we belong to our Church. Some 15 years ago we agreed with the Vicar that we would be Sunday humans not involved in the community and all the weekly activities.. The YMCA, which I led, was a large 'congregation' of some seven thousand souls. That was our Community.

Just before we went on holiday, three weeks ago, we did our Sunday breath of worship at St Edward's.
We always sit next to Sue who is a young woman full of colour and warmth.

Two weeks later after our Majorca experience, and another to attend the Memorial Service for Bishop David Sheppard - see below, and we returned to Church today.

On the Service Sheet among all the notices it said;- "Sue Manners - departed"

I asked and it was true - Sue had died and was buried in the time we were away.
What a shock!

She had been receiving treatment for cancer of the pancreas - operation and chemotherapy and seemed really well.
She had been hit while we were away and ..........
....... on holiday we were surrounded by fields full of red poppy flowers ..... so beautiful.
One day I picked one.
I reached low and broke the very slender stalk of the poppy.
As I stood and lifted the poppy
- all the petals gentle blew away
leaving the heart of the flower
and the life giving seeds ..........

Today I thought of that flower and Sue - so fragile and slender .........
so beautiful and gone .......