Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A solid and interesting article for me - in today's Guardian::

It's time the great and good met some real scary kids

We'll never get to grips with the 'gangs' problem unless we start talking to dangerous teenagers - not just about them

"The very heart of the problem for these young people is emotional, and that's where the solution must lie. It's a lot harder than running a sports scheme, and it may seem expensive. But in the long term it costs less than all that crime.

The solution is to get to children who are exposed to crime's predisposing factors. We can identify them at primary school age. Then we have to use knowledge, skills and a lot of love to supply the gifts every child should receive but which their families cannot give - secure attachments, a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose and a sense of hope."
Hyperlinked to the full article - above.