Monday, April 08, 2013

Developmental conversations ...........

 I sat and eat with them, more importantly, we communicated to each other. 
It was not long before the questions flowed. 
'get beyond the level one' .......I say to myself, as soon as possible. 

We move to a different level so I asked them - 
'what do you think is the greatest quality in the other person'? 
Fantastically the words flowed so quickly, 
so sincere, so out there but also so sensitive. 
The listening and the acceptance and the kindness, the generosity. 
They shared and glowed to hear the other affirm. 
Love it! 

It was a deliberate developmental question 
aimed at facilitating them building each other up in world 
which so often savagely knocks them down. 
It was also about relational work, 
their relationships and them with me too. 

Then the next question was about the two doors. 
(Do you know that one? 
If you don't let me know and I will do it yet again with you 
because it is so fantastic - again about development). 
And we continued to talk openly and warmly with each other .............