Saturday, April 06, 2013

10 YEARS AGO - I became a Youth Worker - AGAIN.

Because it is 10 years since I left my job, 
having given 7 months notice, 
to go back to my roots and work directly and strategically with young humans - I am doing a few flashback BLOG/REPEATS.
This is my steps onward from being Full time CEO.


BLOG Tuesday 8th April 2003
The first day of the rest of...... yes three new jobs started today, or should I say this week? 

Today employed by YMCA England as the 'Christian and Spiritual Development Officer' for two days a week and 

Tuesdays/Wednesdays as Housing Group Worker' at Kingston YMCA. 

Thursdays I am employed by Welwyn YMCA as a 'Youth and Community Worker'. 
You will read the vibes as I live the life as you read the blog. 
I am appreciative that these humans and organizations will employ me. 
They will get everything I have to give 
"God wants what we have not what we haven't" - Living Bible bit here. 

Been to Greenbelt Board meeting tonight and always exciting. 
Fantastic peoples. 
Heaven must be like this. 
The site plan, always changing every meeting, is always exciting. 
The whole meeting becomes excited and vision-full when we picture the venues and the site. 
It will be different, do 'not' expect the 2002 site you regulars. 
So beautiful the talent, the uniqueness dribbling down the chins of these people is.......words will not come out of these two stubby typey fingers to describe. 
Ticket sales are good but book soon before the end of April to get the best prices and avoid not getting a seat at the diving place for pearls

Having left the Romford YMCA
 I have lost the use of my favouritr little Logitech digital camera coz it won't function with mac, so tomorrow I will get to a pc and become picmad again. You can see many fine results on

Well .....time to click my favorite blogs and go to bed

-stay beautiful