Saturday, December 14, 2019

I was moved by this:: by Jo Bega

So even on a pretty dark day in December I've found reasons to hope. I was shopping in Tesco when I overheard an elderly man asking a member of staff whether the box of teabags he'd selected were definitely 'fair trade'. 
It touched me so deeply. 

That in the chaos of Brexit, climate catastrophe, racism, divisions and despair, it was still important to this man that he was doing his bit. 
We mustn't stop doing our bit, we really mustn't. 

Then I visited Mum's grave and found signs of new life in sprouting buds, and looked up to see shafts of light coming through the grey clouds. 

We must hold onto hope in the darkness. 
There are always things to be grateful for. 
There is always kindness to be shown. 
There is always a hand to be touched. 
There is always a candle to be lit. 
Keep the faith, my dear friends.