Friday, December 13, 2019

A little catchup from me today. Big thank you to all who have sent messages and promises to pray.

Hospital today for me.
Joan & Ann riding shotgun.
1 wife / 1 daughter.
Giving support to me and each other.

Oncology department.
Full of people of all ages.
walking sticks
mobility scooters
strangers ...........

I don't know their stories.
but will spill mine.

I had a hormone drug planted in my belly yesterday
It will do good things for me until the next one
in four weeks time.

Today we spent 30 minutes with the consultant.
He spoke gently to us
asking lots of questions too.

He showed pictures of me
NOT like the one above
snapped by Ann after it was all over.

The ones on the Hospital screen 
were an inside job.
MRI / CT / BONE scans showing all innards
Bones, body parts, different shades & colours.

He talked us through each area and what it does -
or what each is created to do.
Starting with the prostate.

He pointed out to cancer parts
including those I expected
but did not want.

Simply - he showed us where the cancer is.
In the pelvis
In the spine -
One rib -
the bones.

There would be other options for a younger me
but he explained that the best is what I am on now =
Hormone Theraphy via yesterdays injection
and thereafter monthly for three months.

NO chemo - or anything  intrusive.

The expectation is to stop the cancer multiplying.
This will be tracked by blood tests & my PSA.
The expectation is that I will soon see a reduction 
of the bad cells - it is not a cure 
but a halt to the growth.

I still feel 'not ill'
I still feel normal and alive.
Today a bit of an ordeal but I am focused.

There's a lot more details
about possible side effects
and what symptoms to be aware of
and what to report back with any troublesome
and how to manage them.
but for now that is enough ........

Thanking you again for your
good wishes and those kneeling with me.