Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Christmas fills all space .................

I wish we could all get toys again.
I guess gadgets fix the men.
What do women get?
All the hard work I guess!

Christmas fills all space
busy with tinsel*
busy with food*
busy with travel*
busy with alcohol*
busy with TV*
busy with family humans*
busy with no time to think/reflect*
busy with presents*
busy with NO TIME**

*and then I think
*of the beautiful humans
*who live in homeless hostels
*who I love and ache with
*who are dysfunctional in relationships
*who have lost a loved one this year
*who are in conflict with family
*who are rejected by family
*who are without a loved one
*who have dependancy issues
*who can't afford to buy presents
*who are in total debt and in fear of future
*who are Tagged and in lockdown by the court
*who are with humans they don't want to be with
*who stop me in the street
and boast about their
new place they have found to sleep
because it is under a stairwell
with an air-con extract
= warmth

= for Christmas ……………