Sunday, December 22, 2019

In my pocket I carry a Giraffe .......................

I don’t spell well and ‘Giraffe’ is one I can’t.
(Thanks spell check - forever)

In my pocket I always carry this Giraffe.
It used to be a key ring.
I unscrewed it long ago
just to relieve it's headache!

Back in the day 
I was leading a training week-end
for teenagers from hostels UK wide.

I gave everyone a giraffe to hold & take away.
Explaining my objectives for the week-end.

I talked about a giraffes.
About them having the largest heart among all animals.
They all clocked WHY =
Because of the long neck and heart
needed to big to pump blood to it’s brain.

Then one more thing about giraffes
They have best vision due to their long neck & height.

that we all need to have a big heart
and a vision in our lives AND
that I love the words
‘Vision Beyond Visibility’

The training experience was about::
personal development
Emotional intelligence
BECOMING all that we can become.

I used clips from Hollywood movies
and Blob Tree Tools
to stimulate their reflections
as they transposed my questions
into learning for everyday lives.

It was interesting that they always wanted
to continue watching beyond my 5 minute movie clip
- just to see the full movie !!
whilst I wanted them to experience small group
experiential learning FROM EACH OTHER.

So we, in small groups, worked on self determination::
Everyone deciding what to do with their big heart
and a vision - not yet visible.

I carry my small bruised giraffe in my right-hand jeans pocket.
Snuggled up with my hanky and small change.
I find myself sometimes
holding it in a grip
and remembering I need to refocus on my big heart
and constantly refresh my vision.

By chance it happened last October in Cambridge.
I was facilitating a training day for 47 therapists
all working with ’special' children in schools.

I realised I was holding onto my giraffe -
THEN, unplanned - I told the story.
A sort of story, I believe, that will not be easily forgotten.

Have you got a big heart filled with love for all sorts of humans?
Known or unknown?

Have you got a VISION  beyond human expectations?
I have a Mission Statement composed for this purpose
(you will find it with a search of my )