Friday, July 19, 2019

Greenbelt Festival - stand by to refresh your SOUL

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All thriller, no filler

We've just added another raft of inspirational, funny, brave, astounding people and talks to our final line-up. As the ink dries on the contracts, be the first to meet some of the excellent humans we've just signed up for the festival.
Here's the full line-up

Small acts of rebellion, anyone?

We live in unprecedented times, but it's not enough simply to discuss the issues that are keeping us up at night. We need to talk about what we're going to do about them, particularly when existing laws can seem so inadequate in tackling issues like climate change and the refugee crisis. Meet some of the rebellious, inspiring, compassionate people we're inviting to Greenbelt this year.
"I am seized by two contradictory feelings: there is so much beauty in the world it is incredible that we are ever miserable for a moment; there is so much s*** in the world that it is incredible we are ever happy for a moment."
Geoff Dyer

By the book

If you're looking to get to grips with some of the ideas and authors coming to Greenbelt this August, then we have plenty for you to get stuck into this summer in the run-up to the festival. Thanks to the Church House Bookshop, we have the second part of our G-books reading list here and then for anyone looking for any more literary inspiration before Greenbelt, we round up the best of the rest here. 

Somewhere to get free refills

We are loving our brand new festival water bottles, with a choice of sports or metal twist-top. Both are just hitting the shelves now, so if you'd like to kiss goodbye to single-use you can pre-order for just £10.
"I want to tell children across this country...
that no matter what the president says, this country belongs to you, and it belongs to everyone."
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

What we've been reading, watching and sharing...
(when we're not planning GB '19)

If you missed GB trustee Chine McDonald on Radio 4 this morning and her elegant, cosmic rebuttal to Trump’s latest outbursts, it’s here and it’s *very* much worth your time. 
This is a fascinating long read on the future of lab-grown meat, and the ethical dilemmas as well as huge advantages it could hold.

‘Bless us O Instagram’ - why one writer thinks taking photos of our food has become a new incarnation of an ancient instinct: the ritual of tableside grace. 

We're not hungry you're hungry. A delightful, feelgood read about Mo's Eggs, a Syrian pop-up cafe and the ongoing integration of Syrian refugees into the UK. 

Why 12 year-olds are Awesome Pt. 57. Meet Daniel Jillings, who is 12 and crowdfunding a legal challenge to try and get his first language, British Sign Language, on the GCSE curriculum.

Jack Monroe is back this year to talk about her new Tin Can Cook book, packed full of ingenious store cupboard recipes. She’s not the only one either - here’s Nadiyah Hussain (and Jack) singing the praises of tinned feasts.

Calling all ageing ravers! Don the gloves and ski masks and head to this epic ‘immersive retrospective’ of rave culture that’s just opened at the Saatchi Gallery. Read about it here, but they’ve called it Sweet Harmony, so we’re pretty much already sold. 

This is a fascinating article that takes a look at the Apollo programme and the 50th anniversary of the lunar missions in the context of faith, the future and the religious connotations of leaving our planet. Perhaps one to discuss with Maggie Aderin-Pocock at this year's GB.

After all that, put the coffee down, take a few deep breaths and sink into this brand new slowburning beauty from our Monday headliner Gregory Alan Isakov and his band.

We feel silly saying this, but...'ve got your tickets by now, right? No? OK, well... this is embarrassing. Not to worry. Come right this way, let's sort this out.
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