Monday, July 01, 2019

Millie Turner ............. the beautiful rising pop star .............

UK pop artist Millie Turner has burst onto the music scene with her new track “Swimming Pool”, released today through Kobalt/AWAL.

" Swimming pool was based on a poem I wrote that tells a story of a group of kids that destroy this old historic building, setting it on fire, breaking down its traditional walls. They then escape from the chaos, retreating to the walls of the swimming pool. They stay there together, muffling out the sound of chaos outside. It’s about rebellion, liberation and then escapism, stepping away and escaping in this swimming pool."

Millie Turner was born and bred in London in the UK, into a very creative family, who she describes as “a bit weird”. Influenced by the likes of Solange and Billie Eilish, her songs touch on the universal themes of hope, optimism, female empowerment and youthfulness, while telling stories in a unique, cinematic way to engage people from all walks of life.

Turner’s music to date has been a feast for the eyes, as well as the ears, from the spectacular lo-fi visuals she co-directs for all of her music.  Turner's unique human storytelling combined with all her artistry beyond music creation (painting & illustration) are showcased in her debut EP and first two singles.

Turner’s rise as a new artist to watch this year has been exceptional. She’s garnered support across tastemaker media, including NME who marked her as One To Watch and BBC Radio 1as one of their “Best New Pop” artists.