Thursday, July 18, 2019

I don't agree with OPRAH

What a sad world we would live in if 
we all sought out the strongest.
If we all went out to better ME - only ME.

I knew a man who was proud to say::
"I look around and go to the most important person in the room and engage with them ....."


My view on this::
We look for the one standing alone.
A human who looks uncomfortable in the context.
Human = contact needed.

I believe 
(+ others)
if we spend time 'with the least'
with the aggressive
loud ..................... +

We ourselves will experience more satisfaction & 
inner being becoming beauty
rather than spending time with the rich/powerful/famous !

Growth for all of us
starts and is nurtured
among the underside of life
(He who was rich became poor)
A place called uncomfortable.

What do you do?
Consider change?

Oprah - you are beautiful human but I disagree with your quote here.